PET TALK: Make grooming a healthy habit –

Before bringing a dog into your family one of the most important things to know is if the breed is appropriate for your lifestyle. Grooming is an important part of their care and some breeds have a higher maintenance grooming regimen than others.

Ringo, a Great Pyrenees, was a recent owner turn-in at Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center. During his initial exam, it was discovered that Ringo was covered in more than 200 ticks and the fleas were innumerable. More than 15 pounds of fur was trimmed from his coat. His nails had never been trimmed before.

According to Denise Perry, executive director of Roberts pet adoption center, his owner was truly unaware of Ringo’s needs.

Sadly, this resulted in the 6-year-old dog having to be completely shaved down. Fortunately for the Roberts center, they have staff and volunteers who are able to take care of the grooming needs of the pets they take in. Recently a group of Persian cats were turned in and all had to be shaved down. You know you have dedicated staff when they can easily shave a cat.

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