Woman opens cat adoption center in Blaine -The Northern Light Newspaper

Those who want to adopt a healthy kitten or cat need to look no further than their backyard.

Blaine pastor Cheryl Walker recently opened Eva’s Eden, a cat rescue shelter and adoption organization, in the basement of her Oneness Foundation spiritual center at 495 Cherry Street.

Walker started Eva’s Eden last year, after her cat, Eva, died on the winter solstice. Eva, a pure-bred Scottish Fold, died of distemper even though she had been given routine vaccinations.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen,” Walker said. “The vet said it was a total fluke.”

Walker, who founded the independent Oneness Foundation spiritual group nearly 11 years ago in Bellingham (she moved the center to Blaine a few years ago) said she was able to move through her grief by helping other animals.

“I already think everything’s spiritual so I believed that from death comes life,” she said. “I left the other organization I was working with to start my own cat rescue shelter.”

The center takes care of more than 100 cats during the day in its 2,000-square foot cageless space. At night the cats are handed back to their “foster” homes where they are able to socialize with humans, children and other animals.

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