Pet adoption draws a crowd in Abilene

The largest pet adoption ever held in West Texas got under way at noon Tuesday at PetSmart with a long line of people waiting to find the perfect dog or cat.

The event continues from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. today at PetSmart, 3517 Catclaw Drive. Dogs must be man’s best friends, as there were many dogs and only a few cats to be adopted Tuesday.

There was lots of barking from the dogs exhibited in cages in several trailers while the cats napped in cages under the tents. Rescue the Animals and the city of Abilene’s Animal Services Division brought cats and dogs all through the day to be adopted. As one cage emptied through adoption, another lucky animal took the space.

See the rest here: Pet adoption draws a crowd in Abilene » Abilene Reporter-News.

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