Where there’s smoke, there’s cat adoption (Cleveland)

After a dryer caught fire March 22 at the Cleveland Animal Protective League, director Sharon Harvey sent out an appeal to Greater Clevelanders to adopt the 111 cats who were rescued from their cages.

She didn’t want to have to put the cats back in the room where noxious smoke and a screeching alarm had frightened them.  Residents responded by adopting 110 cats before the Willey Avenue shelter closed at 6:30 p.m. the following day.

“We couldn’t be any more grateful,” she said.

The staff reacted quickly about 11 a.m., unplugged the smoking dryer in the room adjacent to the main cat room and whisked the panicked cats to temporary cages in other parts of the building.

See more here:  Where there’s smoke, there’s cat adoption: Animals in the News | cleveland.com.

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