Man’s best friends find best friends (Nevada)

On the brink of his eighth birthday, James Gardner was hesitant about a mop-topped dog his family had apparently taken a liking to Saturday at a pet adoption event at Michael Hohl Subaru.

Upon seeing Einstein’s eyes peeking out from beneath a mane of half-curly, half-straight hair, James couldn’t have cared less. But dad Gerald Gardner — ignoring an earlier admonition to himself that he shouldn’t adopt a dog — immediately fell in love with the 7-month-old, floppy-eared pup. And the bulk of the Gardner clan — mom Stephanie, Bennett, 9, and 2-year-old Julia — had quickly followed suit. Still, James wasn’t going to be so easily conned. Einstein would step toward him, and James would back away. Someone gave James a treat to feed the dog, and when Einstein went for it, James dropped it.

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