Scooby, the German Shorthaired Pointer/Labrador Retriever Dog needs a home

From Middleburg Heights Animal Foundation, Middleburg Heights, OH: Scooby is a 5-yr-old German Shorthaired Pointer/Labrador Retriever. Scooby has had a difficult life and is looking for his permanent home. He is loyal, highly intelligent, loves hiking, and sometimes forgets he’s not a lap dog.

Scooby knows sit, stay, leave it, come, watch, down, drop it, back up, take it, has leash manners, and has continued to thrive with positive reinforcement training. He has become calm natured, very loving, soulful and really bonds with his people. He is a pleasant buddy to hang out with it. He loves being challenged to learn new things and toys…Did we mention he LOVES interactive toys! Interactive toys have helped learn how to problem solve and he is so proud of himself when he’s able to conquer a challenge.

See more about him here: Dog adoption: Scooby, the German Shorthaired Pointer/Labrador Retriever.