Local girl’s birthday party goes to the dogs

They say every dog has its day; a brief moment in life when everything looks up.

The dogs and cats of Rutherford County Pet Adoption and Welfare Services (PAWS) finally got their day earlier this month, thanks to a local girl’s selflessness on the most important day of her year.

On Feb. 12, Emily Preistley celebrated her fifth birthday.

Those on the guest list for her gymnastics themed party, however, were given a specific and unique instruction inside their invitations. Emily wanted bags of dog or cat food brought to her annual bash in lieu of gifts, so she could then donate them to the animal shelter.

“In the invitations we just put a little note that said ‘Santa’s been so good to Emily that this year she wants to give back to others’… It’s a way for people to still feel like they can bring something, but it eliminates the need for them to bring a gift,” Emily’s mom, Elizabeth Preistley said.

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