Tricked by a scruffy dog

A few years ago, I acquired Buddy the Wonder Dog, a scruffy little terrier from the pound, after eons of painful and protracted begging from my daughter.

Curly Girl threatened to hold her breath until she turned blue or she got a dog, whichever came first, and eventually the American Lung Society made me give in.

OK, I made that part up, she didn’t actually hold her breath, but my friend Teri really did threaten to report me for child cruelty if I didn’t get that girl a dog, even though I personally think dogs are only good with sauerkraut and mustard.

But, Curly Girl is also horse crazy, and I figured a dog is at least marginally cheaper than a horse, plus the poop is easier to clean up, though there’s no pretense that the dog we eventually obtained will ever pull a carriage or do anything else useful, except maybe annoy the neighbors I don’t like.

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