SPCA To Waive Cat Adoption Fees For Cats At Least One Year Old

The Board of Directors of the Rockbridge SPCA has announced a new initiative to increase cat adoptions from the shelter. For a period of 3 months, beginning April 1, 2011, the regular adoption fee of $50.00 will be waived for all cats one year old or older. Cats under the age of one year will still be subject to the adoption fee.

If the cat has not been spayed or neutered, the adopter will still have to pay the $50.00 to have the cat altered, as required by state law. However, the shelter has on hand several cats eligible for the discount which have already been spayed or neutered. For those cats, there would be no fees collected for the adoption and the adoption would be free. The adopter would still have to fill out an adoption application and be approved by the shelter manager, regardless of the fee.

See more here: Rockbridge Weekly & Alleghany Journal Newsline.

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