Cat Adoptions: Make a friend for life, or even nine lives

“Foreclosures are killing us” was the subject line in a recent e-mail by Janice Rudolph to animal lovers throughout Southwest Florida. Below the subject line were photos of two fluffy black and white cats that were siblings. Both stared at the camera as if they knew what the purpose of the photos were for.

Rudolph founded Friends of Gummi, a nonprofit pet adoption center in Naples in 1997. She says it is the only no-kill shelter in Collier County run by volunteers. While the cats are adopted out of PetSmart at Coconut Point in Estero, Rudolph keeps them in a space the size of a three-car garage at her home in Naples.

Lately though, Rudolph said she has to turn away up to 45 adult cats a week because her home is too full.

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