King Louie the Maine Coon Cat needs a forever castle

From Forgotten Angels Cat Rescue, Palmdale, CA:Hi, my name is Louie and I am a stray kitty looking for a forever home. I was living outside in the cold until my foster mom let me sleep on her couch and I havent left since. I am a total people person and I love to be picked up but Im not a lap kitty. Ill lay right down next to you and even sleep with you at night (if the other kitties would let me) but Im just not sure about the lap thing. Although I like the comforts of sleeping in a warm bed, from time-to-time I do like to go outside to check on the birds and other creatures. While Im outside Im very well mannered and I dont wander off or go into the neighbor yards to cause any of those sorts of problems. When its time to come back inside I love it when we play with my many toys and then we cam settle in for one of my cat naps snuggled right up next to each other on the couch. My foster mom says I can be a bit chatty especially when I need to tell you about by outside.

See him here: Petfinder Adopted Cat | Maine Coon | Palmdale, CA | Louie.

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