Five Cats from hoarding need real homes this time

Most of us have seen shows on television about animal hoarders and have a difficult time trying to understand it. We currently have 5 cats who came from such a home-conditions had spiraled out of control and its elderly owner had over 70 cats. A great rescue group has worked tirelessly with the owner to get these cats into a better environment. With the help of numerous shelters such as Homeward, over half are already on their way to a better life. Greyzie, Frankie, Mellow, Chacota and Felix are all adult cats seeking a better life. Mellow and Frankie are part Siamese, a little shy and very loving. They had bad skin reactions to the poor quality flea treatment previously used on them but are already looking much better and their pretty blue eyes are slowly starting to sparkle again. Chacota and Felix recently returned from foster care-they are big and fluffy, probably part Maine Coon cats. Felix is a little more self assured than his shyer friend Chaota but both enjoy the company of humans. Little Greyzie just couldn’t be cuter! This petite older gal who still looks like a kitten has an adorable tiny squeak of a meow and loves to sit on laps.

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