Dog Adoption: Charlie in Charge Revisted

I had no idea that when I decided to adopt a dog for my children that I would be the one that would fall most in love with this little furry beast. Our dog Charlie certainly has challenged me in many ways since we brought him home in October. But with hard work, he has claimed a piece of my heart.

Once I learned all about adopting a rescue dog, and we found Charlie and brought him home, I was not sure what to do next. Charlie was the MOST adorable dog on the planet, but he came with some issues. We learned quickly that we had to do more than just feed Charlie and give him toys to play with.

Because of his puppy mill trauma and shelter experience, at first he was nervous and a little skiddish. After a week or two he began to nip at our children and us. At that point he began to exercise his dominance and tried to control us.

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