Pet adoption story: Miss Priss and the Klimas family

About six months ago, my wife, Edie, and I went to the carport to get in the car. We both began hearing faint “meows” coming from the wood pile in the carport. In checking where the “meows” were coming from, we found a little kitten with blue eyes looking for something to eat. She was about 6 inches long. There are feral cats in the area, so we assumed momma cat thought we would be good parents and dropped her off.

After more than $500 in vet bills for shots and spaying, scratching posts, play toys and kitten food, we allowed her to adopt us. We had owned cats and dogs in the past and had decided not to have any more since we traveled extensively and boarding became expensive, but we became hooked on her little, blue-eyed face. Her eyes are green now and her tail is erect when she walks or runs.

See the rest here: Pet adoption story: Miss Priss and the Klimas family » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from Cortney Newell).

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