Sisters Coco and Foxy crave affection and laps

A pair of 9-month-old sisters, Coco (black Oriental) and Foxy (Bengal tabby), are among the many animals that the Community Animal Network supports with special diets.

Coco’s caregiver was complaining that she scavenged the counters in search of food and, at weekend adoption events, the two cats would both empty the food cups several times. Since the pair is now eating a high-protein “grain-free” diet, Coco is no longer ravenous, but only craves your affection and your lap.

Many animals depend on the network, which needs to ask for your help to feed the animals since January’s donations totaled just $156. Centinela Pet Supply in Costa Mesa is having a super 20% off sale on Feb. 11 to 14, and this is one of the places we shop for specialty and holistic natural pet food and supplies.

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