Pet adoption story: Patsy and the Werts

In 1994, I was in an automobile accident at the age of 24. I hit a curve on an icy road and ran into a power pole. My left shoulder required pins and I suffered brain damage which resulted in blindness. The signals from my brain to my leg muscles do not connect so well, so I am in a wheelchair and live with my mother, Linda.

My sister lives in Arizona and sent me a gift certificate for a pet about four years ago. My mom and I held on to it for a while, trying to decide if we were going to use it.

After a few weeks we drove over to Young Williams Animal Center. Two very nice ladies asked if they could help. We said, “Yeah, we’d like to interview some dogs.” The first one was a big black dog named Bear. We decided he was too big and would pull my wheelchair over if he got too excited.

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