Pet adoption story: Buddy and Lee Miller

Fifteen years ago, my son was critically ill with cancer. After a 23-hour surgery and over two weeks in the hospital, we brought him home for a two-year recovery period.

When I finally had to go back to work, Seth asked for a pet to keep him company during the day. Because one leg was paralyzed, we could not get him a dog, so we went to Young Williams Animal Center to look for a cat. All of the cats seemed sweet and lovable, but one big, orange tomcat ran up to the cage door as Seth approached. When he opened the door, Buddy jumped into his arms, meowing loudly at him. He had definitely picked out Seth to be “his.”

See the rest here: Pet adoption story: Buddy and Lee Miller » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from lmm4vols#589395).

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