Pet adoption story: Mikey and the Godfreys

I really did try to look away when I saw the tiny black kitten with the huge green eyes eating a frozen biscuit next to the drive-thru. I always carry cat and dog food in the back of my car, so I thought, “Just put some out and do not make eye contact.” Weeks later I was still trying to make friends with the terrified little fellow.

A little later I ended up spending 20 days in the hospital. After that, I had three items atop my bucket list: first, go to the Chapel and thank God I had survived, next see my grandkids and third go to the drive-thru and see if he was still there. When I didn’t see him I assumed he had moved on, as feral cats can do, but still I called, “Here, kitty, kitty,” just in case. There he was, with a grotesquely broken leg, a gaping hole in his back and a broken tail. Even in that condition, he eluded me for five more days.

See the rest here: Pet adoption story: Mikey and the Godfreys » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from Cortney Newell).

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