Pet adoption story: Saturn and the Dankos

“Call Laurie Danko!” Carolyn Warren begged security. A badly injured feral kitten had been found huddled against an administration building in Spring Hill, Tenn. Security was about to put it out of its misery when Carolyn happened upon them.

Minutes after receiving the call, I was looking into terrified but defiant eyes. The pitiful creature was spitting and hissing out of the box into which security had put it.

Soon my friend, veterinarian Dr. Kathy Kunkel, was looking into those same eyes. Kathy held a tongue depressor with a bit of food in front of his nose. The starving kitten stopped hissing and ate it like lightning. Kathy held out some more; instantly gone. When she offered some food on a fingertip, it was regarded with fleeting distrust before being snatched and gobbled down.

The the original story here: Pet adoption story: Saturn and the Dankos » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from laurie danko).

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