Pet adoption story: Buster and Kathryn Bray

I met my dog Buster at Young Williams Animal Center in April of 2010; he was the cute brown puppy in the corner with large, pointed ears. Forty pounds of legs and ears, he fell all over himself trying to give me attention. His exuberance and pure joy really struck a chord with me, and I knew instantly that he would be my new best friend.

In the beginning, Buster was afraid of loud noises, bicyclists, tall people, umbrellas and his own shadow. Fortunately, he is as intelligent as he is playful, and I successfully house- and crate-trained him, and he passed obedience classes with flying colors. However, as I watched him grow taller, he also got sneakier and successfully liberated a whole loaf of bread from the kitchen counter without anyone noticing.

See more here:  Pet adoption story: Buster and Kathryn Bray » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from Kbray).

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