Pet adoption story: Skittles and Katy Jett

How could anyone put dogs in a crate, breed them, not love them and feed them bad food and moldy water? That is what was happening that led to the Roane County Puppy Mill raid in November 2009. Thank goodness several rescue groups took the worst cases out before it was too late.

That’s where Skittles, a shih tzu/terrier mix, had lived for four years. She had multiple litters of puppies, a skin condition where she scratched off all her fur and toenails that had grown into her feet. After multiple vet visits, seven removed teeth, medicated baths and haircuts, she was ready to find a forever home.

The original story is here:  Pet adoption story: Skittles and Katy Jett » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from krjtennessee#636511).

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