Pet adoption story: Wally and the Sharps

We purchased property with old buildings on it. While working on the old garage, my husband, Steve, and I heard a kitten meowing frantically. We searched the garage inside and out and realized that the kitten was trapped inside the cinder block wall; it must have fallen from the attic through the holes in the blocks.

Using the back of an old hatchet, we began breaking a hole in the block. When the hole was about an inch in diameter the kitten’s gaping mouth appeared for a few seconds. Finally the hole was large enough for me to get about four fingers through and I called to the kitten. I felt some fur and was able to get my fingers around the kitten’s front legs and pull him from the wall.

See the rest here:  Pet adoption story: Wally and the Sharps » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from Dorothy Sharp).

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