Pet adoption story: Maxine and the Hutzlers

Our son Matthew Hutzler was a concrete truck driver in Murfreesboro, Tenn. He returned to the concrete plant late one evening a couple of days before Mother’s Day in 2008. He parked his truck and was preparing to go home. It was rainy and cold. He kept hearing a cat meow. He finally found a kitten which barely had its eyes open.

He looked all around the concrete plant for the mother or other kittens to be sure the kitten was lost or abandoned, and not just being moved by the mother cat. After some time, he decided that the kitten was indeed lost or abandoned. He took the kitten home with him. He and his wife researched how to care for the kitten and feed it. They bathed it and warmed it up. Then they went to a drug store to get formula and an eyedropper to feed it. Over the next couple of days, they nursed and pampered the kitten.

The original story is here: Pet adoption story: Maxine and the Hutzlers » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from Cortney Newell).

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