Animal Shelter Begins Construction (Oregon)

Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center’s new facility is under way and managers say in about four hours, the walls are already a third way up.

“This is only a few hours worth of work. For this amount, it would have taken two weeks to complete this. We’ll be done in about a day and a half,” said Dale Siens, APEX CEO.

Construction managers say the new Saving Grace Pet Adoption facility has come along faster than most projects they’ve worked on. They say it’s been surprisingly easy.

“They only weigh 52 pounds a piece, and so they go up very fast and you don’t have to use any mortar. It’s foamed together,” said JR Mathis, Jack Mathis Construction.

Roseburg-based company APEX Block donated energy-efficient blocks to build the walls of the new animal shelter.

See the rest here:  Animal Shelter Begins Construction | KEZI.

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