Pet adoption story: Biscuit and the Koesters

Our pet rescue story almost didn’t happen. A young, mostly Siamese female cat was found injured along the road both pregnant and paralyzed. She was taken to Dr. Russell W. Lewis in Crossville and he was unable to save her kittens. After much work, she survived and was able to walk again after three months in a cage and much loving care from Dr. Lewis and his staff.

We had not had a cat for a number of years and really wanted a Siamese when our friend, who had been offering us any number of her cats, made us aware of this one. We took her in and she was very affectionate and appreciative and over a couple of months became a lap cat and somewhat needy for attention.

See the original story here:  Pet adoption story: Biscuit and the Koesters » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from Joe Koester).

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