Pet rescue groups offer more than cats and dogs for adoption

It’s past the first day of Christmas, and true love has given up on:

• Three red hens, left with the Richland Animal Rescue group in Richland

• Two red ear slider turtles, left with the Mid-Michigan Reptile Rescue in Bay City

• And a Catalina Macaw in need of a new tree — pear or not —- that’s with Feathered Friends Rescue in Ann Arbor.

They don’t purr or bark. But animals other than cats and dogs are awaiting new homes at area rescue groups across Michigan.

“The need is there, and you don’t think about it,” said Nanci Frazier, who has rescued 823 ferrets and found homes for most of them since starting Motor City Ferrets in Oakland County in 2000. “Who goes to a shelter for a hamster? But people will bring them in as unwanted. I tell people all the time, ‘There’s a shelter for everything; there has to be.’ ”

Through November of this year, the Michigan Humane Society received 1,634 animals that were not cats or dogs.

Just before Christmas, the organization’s shelter in Rochester Hills housed 23 nontraditional pets, including snakes, guinea pigs, rabbits, parakeets, cockatiels, a pigeon and a chicken.

via Pet rescue groups offer more than cats and dogs for adoption | | Detroit Free Press.

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