Surrendered dogs reunited with owner 6 years later

Fate intervened on behalf of a military veteran and his two dogs this past week. On Thursday, Raymond Behrens, 24, took possession of 2 dogs – Beagles named Trigger and Bullet – that he had surrendered 6 years prior.

The dogs were given up for adoption by Behrens when he enlisted in the Navy in 2004. The Beagles had been a part of Behrens life since he was 16 yrs old.

Behrens spent time serving in Japan, Iraq and Afghanistan. He has finished his time with the miliary and has since married and became a father.

Settling down led Behrens to the decision to get a dog again. While searching online adoption ads, Behrens came across photos of two adoptable Beagles.

The original is here:  Surrendered dogs reunited with owner 6 years later – National Dogs |

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