Salem shelter celebrates adoption of 4,000th cat

It was difficult to tell who was more bewildered by all of the attention at the Salem Friends of Felines thrift shop this week: a silken-black-haired little girl or the squirming black-and-white ball of feline fluff she was holding.

Within minutes, the shelter’s staff members and patrons decided it was the kitten.

Definitely the kitten.

Princess, 3 to 4 months old, had just wriggled and writhed out of Linda Pappas’ grip, and then she was off like a shot.

Darting quickly into the next room, the staff yelled for patrons to close and lock all doors to prevent the wayward feline from darting outside and into harm’s way on Commercial Street NE.

The staff, accustomed to such folly, takes the closed-door precaution for any of its resident cats, but the need seemed more urgent Tuesday because Princess is a celebrity.

On Friday, she became the 4,000th cat to be adopted from the Friends of Felines shelter since it opened its doors in June 2004.

See the original story here: Salem shelter celebrates adoption of 4,000th cat | | Statesman Journal.

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