Pet adoption story: Tyson and the Polanders

He was the smallest boxer I’d ever seen, but he had the sweetest face and a temperament to match. We had looked at many boxers over two weeks and they all needed a home; how could we choose just one? We told the folks at Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue we would take him home to see if he was a good fit for us.

My husband, Bill, and Tyson bonded quickly. I was more apprehensive. Tyson’s first owner used him for breeding and then surrendered him to boxer rescue. His second owner also surrendered him to the rescue after learning that Tyson had cataracts in both eyes. We were told if we took him, the rescue would help us with the surgery costs. He was just too nice of a dog to lose his sight.

See the original story here: Pet adoption story: Tyson and the Polanders » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from tnboxermom).

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