Pet adoption story: Tiger and Doug Paul

Story author and pet owner: Doug Paul of Knoxville

It was July a year ago when the wind began to howl and the trees to sway. Ominous thunder issued a clear warning to seek shelter. As I beckoned a more than willing Abigail, Callie and Tut inside, I heard the most pitiful, squeaky “meow” from the rear patio adjoining the woods. Oh no, I don’t need another one! I got a brief glimpse of the kitten as it slipped into the woods, startled by my approach. “Okay,” I said to myself, “I’ll never see it again and that’s probably good.” But…

The wind got stronger, the sky darker, the thunder closer – and I could think of nothing but the defenseless kitten in the woods with the raccoons, the possums, the lions, the tigers, the bears!

Armed with a flashlight as dusk I started around the property listening for the faintest sound, and I heard it! Honing in, I dropped a handful of treats to lure it within reach. The little head popped out, attacked the food and gratefully, it seemed, allowed me to bring it inside to meet its new siblings – not all of who were thrilled!

See the original story here:  Pet adoption story: Tiger and Doug Paul » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from dpaulknoxville#1392051).

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