Pet adoption story: Izzy and Mary Cook

Story author and pet owner: Mary Cook of Knoxville

This was me four years ago when I was rescued from a puppy mill. My name, Number 101, was tattooed in my ear. For five years I lived in a stacked crate having puppies so my owner could make money selling “bichon frise.” I was never petted or bathed. My coat was a tangled mass infested with fleas and covered with dirt and feces.

Then a miracle happened! I was rescued from that horrible place and taken to a real home. They didn’t care that all my front teeth were pulled or my vocal cords altered, making my bark a rasp. They were kind to me, but all I could do was shake and keep my tail under me as far as I could. I was afraid of everything and everyone, would not even walk on grass and did not care where or when I went to the bathroom.

Today, my name is Izzy and after many months of patience and love, I trust my family, including another adopted bichon. I have learned to trust, play and enjoy life. It’s amazing how most folks enjoy having their laps filled with a warm fuzzy dog.

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