Pet adoption story: Annie and the McGinnis family

I searched a long time for the “perfect” dog to adopt. Having owned Dobermans before, I knew it was the breed for me but had never adopted before and was a little nervous about it. I found Annie on I prepared a full page of questions to ask about her. Before I could ask the first question, the rescue organization began quizzing me to see if we would be suitable “parents.” I liked that; it showed they cared about the dogs.

We arranged to see Annie at the Humane Alliance of Rutherford County in Murfreesboro, but only to check her out. The likelihood of her meeting my requirements was slim. But the minute she looked at me with her big grin and sparkling eyes, she told me we would be taking her home. Annie was turned in because her owners wanted to start breeding another type of dog. It is inconceivable to me that people can toss away an animal as if it is a material possession rather than a member of the family.

See the full story here:Pet adoption story: Annie and the McGinnis family » Knoxville News Sentinel (User story from marshapmcginnis.

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9 years ago

Oh, what a sweet beginning for Annie and her new family.