Fort Worth’s Pet Adoption Center giving new life to the lost

Gizmo, you might say, was more than ready to leave the nest.

“We all just sat there and watched him leave the store,” Jennifer Arnett said with a little mist in her eyes. “He was so ready to go.”

Rehabilitated and armed with a new lease on life, Gizmo is thriving in the nurturing home of Judy Johnson, who adopted the cocker spaniel-terrier mix (by all appearances, anyway) at the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Department’s Pet Adoption Center. That’s where Arnett and her colleagues of compassion at the city work to match pets with compatible owners.

Gizmo isn’t the only lucky one. More than 1,500 cats and dogs have been adopted since the center opened in April at the PetSmart store on Loop 820 and South Hulen Street. Not one adoptable pet from the city’s animal shelter has been euthanized since that time. That equates to a doubling of the adoption rate.

See the original story here: Fort Worth’s Pet Adoption Center giving new life to the lost | Fort Worth | News from Fo….

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