Update: 70 pre-owned cats adopted at Irvine event

The Irvine Animal Care Center said goodbye to 70 cats during its its 2010 Certified Pre-Owned Cat Adoption Event.

“It was an incredible event; we’ve never seen anything like this before,” said Ron Edwards, the center’s administrator.

“I am thrilled to report that 70 cats were adopted over the five-day certified, pre-owned cat adoption event,” he said Monday.

“This is the most cats in the fewest amount of days ever adopted out by us. A very successful week with many happy cats and cat fanciers.” If you missed the event you’ll have another chance Sunday, Dec. 5. Edwards and his team of animal pros will host the annual “Home for the Holidays” pet adoption fair.  The event will be held between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and will feature vendors, raffles, a silent auction, pet photos, food, baked goods sale, low-cost microchips and, of course, lots of animals for adoption.

See the story here: 70 pre-owned cats adopted at Irvine event | cats, event, adoption – Life – The Orange County Register.

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