Better Pet Adoption: Lucy The Special Needs Cat

Hi, my name is Lucy and I’m a 1 yr. old female. When I was just a baby I got under the hood of someone’s car to get warm and the people left their house with me still under the hood. After a very short ride (for me) I was thrown out from under the hood of the car and flew into a ditch.  A very nice lady who was driving behind the car stopped and picked me up. She said I was crying so hard so she rushed me to a nearby vet and they did xrays and found nothing broken but there was nerve damage. The nice lady took me to her own vet and the same decision was made, nerve damage and no use of my right leg or paw. It was also decided not to amputate because I used that leg for balance.

See more here: Better Pet Adoption: Lucy The Kitten – Family News Story – WNEM Saginaw.

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