‘Certified pre-owned’ Irvine cats for sale

With a nod to the luxury car dealers of Irvine, the city’s animal shelter is discounting “certified, pre-owned” cats.

The 2010 Certified Pre-Owned Cat Adoption Event will be held Wednesday through Sunday (Nov. 17-21) at the Irvine Animal Care Center.

During the promotion, cats older than 7 months will be available for adoption for $29.99, a savings of $90.

Kittens, or as staff likes to call them “new models” (6 months and younger), are available for $49.99, a savings of $100.

That’s Reggie in the photo, showing us her teeth. Talk about personality! Maybe her name should be Cougar.

See the original story here: ‘Certified pre-owned’ Irvine cats for sale | certified, irvine, cats – Life – The Orange County Register.

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