Get to Know Some of the SPCA’s Cats

In order to help jump-start our special “Your Price Is Right” cat adoption promotion, I’d like to introduce you to some of our special cats who aren’t yet able to be seen in our adoption room, but are still at the Cumberland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter, awaiting their forever home.

In Patches’ situation, she is waiting for her turn in adoptions. At that point, she will be able to be seen, but she still won’t be able to see. Patches is blind! She is a striking 3-year-old calico who has a great disposition and loves attention. She doesn’t need anything other than a loving home (and a little assistance finding her way around at first).

Also hidden away are our extra-special Persians. These cats were seized from a hoarding situation. The conditions were unsanitary and extremely unhealthy, and the animals were extremely sick and dirty. Some still have lingering upper respiratory issues, which can be common in Persians. Our volunteers have been participating in “Project Persian” by socializing, grooming and spending some extra time with these shy-but-sweet beauties. They are finally ready for adoption!

See the story here: Get to know some of the SPCA\’s cats | | The Daily Journal.

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