Oscar the Traveling Pooch Travels on Behalf of Dogs Everywhere

JUST back from travelling around the world, a nine-year- old Cape Town native is keen to shake paws with East Londoners at the Hemingways Mall this evening.

Oscar, who is part Alsatian, corgi and cocker spaniel, was bitten by the wanderlust bug in 2009.

Since then, the dog with the self-claimed title of the “most traveled dog in the world” has traveled 74000km, visited five continents and been to 30 countries.

Accompanied by his best friend and owner, Joanne Lefson, he has visited dog shelters around the world as part of the “World Woof Tour to change the public’s perception of shelter dogs and to make a bark about the benefits of dog adoption”.

Oscar has been on 30 flights and only five were spent in the hold.

See the rest of the story at: Daily Dispatch Online.

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