Boy and dog get new lives together

About the same time a black and white miniature poodle mix puppy named Timmy was being born in a puppy mill in Jupiter, a local family was receiving news that their son, Sam, had a rare, degenerative disorder called metachromatic leukodystrophy.

The disease, also known as MLD, had a dismal prognosis that included a shortened lifespan.

Sometimes there are no answers when we ask, “why?” as we are thrust into circumstances that darken our lives. But every once in a while, we also get an unexpected reward along our journey. Who would have guessed one of these rewards would have been initiated by a traffic stop in Daytona Beach?

Before his diagnosis, Sam Spraggins had become unsteady on his feet. A doctor’s visit and an X-ray determined it to be a tight Achilles tendon that he would grow out of over time. After three years had passed, the problems were becoming more numerous and more serious. His parents had to hug him gently and lift him carefully to avoid mixing pain with their expressions of love and affection.

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