Elder StatesDog Lucky needs a retirement home

From Homeward Pet Animal Shelter, Woodinville, WA:  Do you want a well-mannered and easy going dog? Twelve year-old Lucky is Homeward’s elder statesman who is happy to have a second chance at our shelter. Sadly, he was literally going to become a casualty of moving, as his owner had decided to put him down if immediate placement could not be secured.

Knowing this was an unacceptable fate, Lucky was granted acceptance and now resides safely at Homeward, where loving volunteers lavish him with attention and care previously unbeknownst to him.

Shortly after his arrival, he met his new foster mother, who introduced him to the comforts of indoor living, as Lucky had previously called outside home. It took but a short time for him to realize that four walls hold warmth, love and companionship and he needn’t feel afraid. He knows there will be an adjustment period in his new home, but an inside dog is who he wants to be! Lucky is a great guy who has more than enough affection to offer someone special. He is fantastic with dogs of all shapes and sizes and would do very well with respectful children who are aware that his roughhousing days are behind him. It should be noted that he is not tolerant of cats and should not live with them.

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