Handsome Rob to the Rescue

Although his name is Handsome Rob he’s more than a pretty face.

The former shelter dog was adopted by Debbie Jordan, a volunteer at the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center in Riverside.

For several weeks Jordan observed Rob leaving some of his kibble in the bowl. At first she thought maybe he wasn’t as hungry. But no matter how little food she left Rob, some always remained in the bowl.

Eventually, Jordan determined that Rob was leaving the food for a tiny Chihuahua that had been left behind when its owners moved a few months previous.

It took her awhile to earn the Chihuahua’s trust but as soon as Jordan was able she brought him to the adoption center and he was named Little Bit by the staff. Last week he was adopted and now enjoys his own great place to live.

See Rob’s story at: HANDSOME ROB TO THE RESCUE | Pet Talk | InlandSoCal.com.

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