Pet Tales: New Pittsburgh-Post Gazette feature — ask a vet

Every pet should have its own vet, and pets shouldn’t just go when they are sick. Dogs and cats and every other pet should have regularly scheduled checkups with a veterinarian.

But don’t you have a lot of questions, especially when pet-related topics hit the news? I’m talking about things such as pet food recalls, Lyme disease, canine influenza outbreaks, adverse reactions to flea medications and announcements about new vaccines.

Good veterinarians are very busy, so we shouldn’t call them every time we have a question. But now animal lovers can e-mail questions to the Post-Gazette and the answers will come from the five doctors at the Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic.

Starting on Nov. 13, questions will be answered in a new column called Pet Points, which will run every other Saturday in the Home & Garden section along with Pet Tales. Send your questions to

See the story at: Pet Tales: New PG feature — ask a vet.

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