2nd Annual Salty Paws Festival Connects Pet Owners And Organizations

With blue, sunny skies and warm temperatures, the weather couldn’t have been better on Saturday, October 16th at the Carolina Beach Lake for the 2nd Annual Salty Paws Festival. Live music filled the air while fun and excitement surrounded the many activities for dogs, kids, and adults.

The first 300 attendees of the 2nd Annual Salty Paws Festival received free gifts. “We couldn’t have had a better turnout,” explained event coordinator Jeannie Mintz. “Everything worked out perfectly, and we hope to see you all next year!”

While all of the events at the festival were a huge hit, there is one that seemed to stand out the most. The pet contests caught the eye of everyone in attendance, with dogs of all different breeds and sizes lining up to show off. “The pet contests this year were amazing. People flocked all around the pet contests which turned out to be a huge hit,” explained Mintz.

Arts, crafts, and food were also on hand for families and pets. Children were able to stay occupied with events while parents and their two-legged family members were able to stroll around the lake and check out the scene.

Read the rest here: 2nd Annual Salty Paws Festival Connects Pet Owners And Organizations.

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