There Is Help for Animal Hoarding

I am thankful that there are humans that are so will to help, in a variety of situations and circumstances.  The situation I am thinking of is not a pleasant one, but fortunately there is help available.  That situation is animal hoarding and no doubt you have seen several things on television about this situation.

Animal hoarding is a serious animal welfare problem that affects every community in the country… but hardly anyone is doing anything about it. It’s only when the hoarding degenerates into criminal animal abuse that authorities can get involved. Before then, it festers, with helpless pets locked away inside the homes of people who are often suffering from serious emotional problems.

Most hoarders start out as dedicated pet owners or want to turn their love for animals into a legitimate business- through breeding, unfortunately they let their situation get out of hand. Studies have shown that without psychological help the recidivism rate for animal hoarders is near 100 percent. We can provide the psychological help, professional support and find new homes for the animals.

Unfortunately, Animal Hoarding affects every different species of animals and the exotic pet community.

Here are a few facts:

-There are approximately 250,000 reported animals that are victims of animal hoarding every year.

-Animal hoarding impacts communities across North America on a daily basis with approximately 3,500 reported new cases discovered each year.

-Animal hoarders have also been known to hoard objects; approximately 40 percent of object hoarders also hoard animals.

Only 65% of hoarding cases involve cats, and the second largest percentage is dogs. Animal hoarders have been known to hoard rabbits, birds, reptiles, exotic pets, native wildlife and farm animals.

I am thankful today that there is an organized effort to help.

Confessions: Animal Hoarding, a documentary series on Animal Planet, works with families and friends of animal hoarders to find ways to reach out and offer help: humane placement, veterinary care, psychological treatment, even housecleaning.

I am thankful that some one is stepping forward to help and they asked me to pass on this valuable information to my readers.  I know this is something we might not think about, and I suppose that is part of the problem, we just don’t think about it because it is not our way of life.

Please check out the following resource: The Animal Hoarding Project

You can also watch the latest news coverage of this cause at:

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10 years ago

Very good post, Brian!