Bing and Teddy need forever home once and forever

From Parkview Animal Shelter, Parkview, MO


Age: About 1 year old

Breed: Golden retriever/lab mix

Gender: Male

Description: Bing came to us with his brother Bishop when both were very near starvation. Now Bing is in great health and has a ton of energy. He loves to expend energy playing with Bishop and his other buddies at the shelter. Both boys are housetrained and love people of all ages.


Age: 2+ years

Breed: Domestic short-hair brown tabby

Gender: Male

Description: Teddy is one lovable cat. He was left on the shelter’s doorstop one night in a pet carrier and despite being frightened and in a whole new place, this boy maintained his sweet, gentle attitude. He will make a family a great lap cat.

Find out more about them at: Pets of the Week: Bing and Teddy –

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