K-9’s in Flight a Hit for Dog Fanatics at Fair

The state fair rolls on this week and we’re out finding the most fun and exciting happenings for you to check out.

Located right behind the WLTX tent sits an area designated for a dog show that pet owners won’t want to miss.

“Everybody loves to see a high flying frisbee dog,” said K-9’s in Flight’s Todd Duncan.

K-9’s in Flight features a number of dogs, each with some special skills when it comes to playing with frisbees. The show also features dogs leaping 18-24 feet through the air into a large pool. Don’t sit too close to the water area however. As we learned you very well might get soaking wet. The dogs don’t mind it though, they’ve got a frisbee to catch.

“All of our dogs are rescued or adopted, some picked up off the street,” said Duncan.

Each at the show has their own story, even the trainers.

“I use to work in pharmaceuticals and I quit my day job in 2005 to pursue my passion. I never looked back since. I don’t have a home anymore. I just live in 36 foot RV and travel the country and do this and promote pet adoption,” said K-9’s in Flight’s Gail Mirabella.

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