Babe lost her home and would love to have a special place in yours

From Homeward Pet Adoption Center, Woodinville, WA: Babe is a wonderful eight- year-old sweetheart of a dog who has been waiting patiently for her new home. Like so many unfortunate animals, she was a casualty of moving and lost the only residence she’s ever known. A dog like Babe deserves nothing less than a lifetime home where she can be a cherished member of the family, and she just knows that the right person is destined to find her.

After arriving at Homeward horribly matted and smelly, Babe received the royal treatment from one of our generous partners, Shaggy Chic Grooming.

A much needed bath and full shearing had our girl feeling refreshed and ready to go!

She spends her days being pampered by our loving volunteers, and her nights dreaming of her special new home.

See her story at:  Pet of the Week – Oct. 11, 2010.

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