Sweet Ragdoll Cat Almalfi Needs Another Chance

From Community Animal Network, P.O. Box 8662 Newport Beach, CA:  The Community Animal Network’s pet adoption cages are decorated for the Halloween season at C.A.N.’s weekend Fashion Island pet adoption event sponsored by Russo’s Pet Experience. Some of the kittens and cats are dressed in festive costumes, too.

Almalfi, the last of the purebred Rag Doll mix kittens, is wearing his “little devil” costume. All the Rag Dolls found homes briskly, but Almalfi has just been returned. There were a lot of tears shed over the decision to return Almalfi, whom they had called Rocky, but the Newport Coast family’s child developed a severe allergy.

It will be lucky for someone else now to adopt the sweet silver Rag Doll mix.

See the info at: Pet Of The Week – Daily Pilot.

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