October Is Adopt-A-Dog-Book-Month

It’s actually America Humane’s Adopt-A-Dog Month, they’re encouraging people to go out and adopt a dog from a shelter. Here at the Hoefinger household we’re all about the rescues. When we adopted our first dog, Bo, about 17 years ago, we never in a million years thought we would eventually go from one dog to four. I think we’re now officially known as the ‘dog people’ in our neighborhood.

I never imagined the impact Bo would have in my life. He was adopted shortly after getting married, and what a series of crazy adventures we’ve had over the last 16 plus years. We’ve had good times and bad times, sad times and happy times, but most importantly, having him in my life has taught me about the incredible bond between owner and dog.

Read the rest at: New October Is Adopt-A-Dog-Book-Month.

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