Animal shelter seeks dog adoption matches

After a search that spanned multiple regions of the state, Duane and Marge Shepherd finally found their new dog Friday.

The Shawano couple, in search of a pet, scoured the Internet for weeks, browsing online photo galleries of various humane societies. A 2-year-old lab mix named Miley brought them to Wisconsin Rapids.

“We were looking all over and saw her picture and decided to take a chance,” said Marge, standing in the lobby at the South Wood County Humane Society, 90 Pepper Ave., Wisconsin Rapids.

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month, and while animal shelter officials always try to draw prospective dog and cat owners to their doors, they want to make sure any adoption is a good one.

“The one thing we do notice, and what I tell people is, ‘You’re not going to choose a dog; it’s definitely going to choose you,'” said Beth Peabody, pet care coordinator at the local shelter.

While size of a dog is important, and temperament can be crucial, shelter workers consider activity level to be the most important factor in making a proper match.

See the story at: Animal shelter seeks dog adoption matches | | Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune.

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